Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Year of ATCs Swap - January 2009

Kris Dickinson, Sarah Hemphill, Louise Granlund;
Alice Hyde, Julia Ziemann, Lyneen Jesse;
Linda Freeman, Pam Sparks, Kathleen Miller.
Group 2:
Kris Dickinson, Kris Dickinson, Lyneen Jesse;
Pamela Jin, Susie Dally, Kathleen Miller;
Kim Andersen, Eileen Sterba, Carolyn Utter.
Group 3:
Kris Dickinson, Liz Ketter, Jan Larson;
Laura Van Vleet, Lyneen Jesse, Robin Woodward;
Paulette Akagi, Kathleen Miller, Cindy Dorr.

Thanks ladies for a fantastic month of swapping!


Sarah said...

Thanks for hosting such a fabulous swap. I always look forward to that package in the mail!

Pam S. said...

So fun to see the atc's from the other two groups! Thanks for posting the atc's all these months!

Robin said...

Thanks so much for being the hostess of this swap Kris! You are a such a sweetheart (HUGS))

Tumble Fish Studio said...

So neat to see them altogether - what lovely work! Looks like you all have a lot of fun!

p.s. love the roses below more than bees knees too!

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

These are all fantastic!!! What creativity!!