Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stampin' D'Amour: A Year of ATCs Swap - Feb. '09

Group 1. From top left:
Kris Dickinson, Pam Sparks, Linda Freeman;
Lyneen Jesse, Julia Ziemann, Kathleen Miller;
Sarah Hemphill, Alice Hyde, Louise Granlund.
Group 2. From top left:
Kris Dickinson, Eileen Sterba, Paulette Akagi;
Susie Dally, Carolyn Utter, Lyneen Jesse;
Kim Andersen, Kathleen Miller, Pamela Jin.
Group 3. From top left:
Kris Dickinson, Robin Woodward, Liz Ketter;
Jan Larson, Kathleen Miller, Lyneen Jesse;
Cindy Dorr, Paulette Akagi, Laura Van Vleet.

Thanks for another great swap month ladies!

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Lyneen said...

WOW... I am looking forward to getting mine!