Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yahoo Group Swap - June 2009

(***Click on picture to see the ATCs close-up!***) From Top Left:
Kris Dickinson, Julia Ziemann, Heather Robinson;
Heather Bloom, Gina Atkins, Connie Camp;
Laura Carson, Alice Hyde, Phyllis Terrell.

Thanks ladies for an amazing swap! - Kris


Shirley said...

I love visiting your blog on my lunch hour. It is like strolling though an art gallery. I always enjoy it so much.

Luisa Migon said...

Beautiful ATCs!!!

Juls~ said...

This are all incredible! Luv your faerie-girl *Believe*. Very sweet.

I also like the image Connie used with the dancer - the costume and colors of it are really cool.



Anne (cornucopia) said...

Wow, these are incredible! I especially like all of the ones with the adult women.