Monday, May 3, 2010

AMOUR Banner Swap, Marie Antoinette Mail Art Group

From Top :
Terri Gordon, Dawn Shotton, Kris Dickinson, Wendy Robinson, Holly Moore.

Each banner is 6" x 7" and made of sturdy matt board.  The requirements were that we needed to make them in pink and blue and use Paris/Marie Antoinette/France as the subect.  The banners needed to include the letters for the word "AMOUR"

Needless to say I was thrilled when I rec'd my set in the mail.  Thanks you ladies for a whimsical, wonderful, pink and pretty swap.


Janet Ghio said...

so pretty!!

Kristin said...

These are all so very beautiful! It must have been a fun swap and the results are just stunning, Kristin xo

Kelly said...


Shawn Caro said...

this is GORGEOUS!

Lyneen said...

these are lovely... I LOVE MARIE and PARIS!