Thursday, March 3, 2011

Published! - Take Ten, March/April/May 2011

I was so pleased to see the new Spring Take Ten in my mail today.  The top two  cards are mine and the bottom one is by Louise Grandlund.  This was part of a group submission from when I was on the design team at Stampin' D'Amour.  I think these cards were created over 2 years ago.

***Please lick on the picture to see the details close up***

Congratulations to Louise and also to Jan Larson who had art in this edition!  


Sarah said...

I remember these. I think they were done in February of 2008! That was a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! How wonderful to be published!

Robin said...

Congrats Kris!!

surfcityginny said...

Love your new blog header! Congratulations on the magazine. The cards are beautiful!

Tiffany said...

Congratulations! Take Ten is one of my favorite magazines :)

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

Kris, I can't believe how long ago this was!
(Thanks, Sarah, for the info:)
Congrats on getting published AGAIN!

Lynn Stevens said...

hey Kris,A Big CONGRATS to you and Louise!!!
I'd say it was about time they published them!!!
I haven't been over forever, going to take a look around, Hope your move went well and your getting settled in!
Hugs Lynn

Jann said...

Congratulations on the publication! How exciting!

Rella said...

Congratulations, Kris!!! Kudos.

xox Rella
Hope to 'see' you again..I can't wait to hear about your new house.