Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Art Nouveau, 1910

Degas, Circa 1900s

Retro 1950s Easter

Gone With the Wind Collage'

Retro Halloween, circa 1930s

Betty Grable, Circa 1930

Hollywood, Circa 1930s

1920s Movie Star Collage'

French Travel Posters, Circa 1920s

Victorian Children, Circa 1910

French Opera Poster, Circa 1900

Retro 1950s Birthday Wish

Clara Bow Collage', Circa 1920

Victorian Children - Circa 1890s

Mucha Fantasy, Circa 1900

The Sheik, Circa 1920s

Clara Bow Collage', Circa 1920

Retro Movie Stars - Clara Bow, Circa 1920s

French Advertising Posters, Circa 1900

Art Nouveau Collage' - Alphonse Mucha, Circa 1900

Vintage French Posters, circa 1900

Retro Halloween, circa 1930s

Vintage Halloween, Circa 1910